January 8, 2012

Sunday Snapshots - Birthday Edition!

2012-01-08 at 06-46-18
2012-01-08 at 06-46-28

2012-01-08 at 06-45-21 

What's a birthday weekend without some cake? Each layer is a different texture and makes a different sound. It's supposed to work on puppy's patience and problem-solving skills. I think as a marketer I should know the people who write the packages are making that up, but, I become a sucker the second I walk into the pet shop and buy my dog a present to celebrate my own birthday. 

January 2, 2012

Arlo's Sunday Snapshots - Week 1

2012-01-01 at 22-20-06

2011-12-31 at 22-44-27

2011-12-31 at 04-04-19

2011-12-30 at 06-12-18 (1)

Meet Arlo, a Malshi puppy, half Maltese, half Shihtzu.  We've been back in Chicago together for a week.  I already cannot imagine my life without him. This furry little guy has stolen my heart and has made himself at home in the Windy City.

He's nine weeks old.  Potty training is hit or miss, but nothing we can't solve.  He's so smart he'll get the hang of it!  While the #1's may still land on the rugs instead of the potty pads, he has no doubt mastered fetch with his ball.  His online dating profile would read "I love rawhide chew sticks and bones and my favorite toy is Aunt Sophie's squirrel. I sleep a lot, love to lick and chew on loved ones. I don't care for snow, but love long walks in the neighborhood."    

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