September 13, 2011

Did I Start a Trend?

So, little known fact.  I hate checking my mail.... the physical, paper mail.  Rarely is there anything good in there - bills, more bills, catalogs, junk mail for insurance companies, did I mention bills?  If someone dropped it on my kitchen counter, I'd look at it every day, but opening up the box and carrying it inside is just a hassle to be reminded I owe someone money.  I actually enjoy checking my mail for about six weeks between December 1 and early January - holiday and birthday cards!!  Anyways, I digress.

Last night I got my mail on the way home and... yippee!  There was something fun.  The new fall West Elm catalog!  I took a peek and low and behold - who else thinks a navy wall is hot in the bedroom??  They totally stole my idea. (wink wink)

Pardon the bad pic, but you get the idea:

West Elm Catalog - Navy Wall  

This is a great excuse to show off the wall styled with my collection of white frames:

Master Navy Wall with Frames

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