September 12, 2011

Cheap & Non-Committal: A Perfect Kitchen Chalkboard

Chalkboard Paint

Just a small container of chalkboard paint, an inexpensive canvas from the craft store and a few coats of paint on a Sunday afternoon, and.... (drum roll, please!) 

Chalkboard Paint - Finished

A kitchen chalkboard!  

First of all, it's functional.  The raised canvas makes it easy to cover the ugly extra cable/phone outlet and the FIFTH kitchen electrical outlet!  (Note: did the developer think I was going to have a Crock Pot convention in there???)  Best of all, it's fun.  I've got a cool space to leave messages for guests, cheer myself up with goofy quotes, and switch things up from time to time.  I can only imagine what my guests will write when left alone with a little bubbly and chalk!  Maybe it's almost time for a party to find out! 

I had considered painting the actual wall or buying a chalkboard vinyl thingy to adhere to the wall, but this was by far the easiest option - and totally non-committal.  Perfect, right?  (No comments from the funny farm, please.) 

If you needed a reminder, this little kitchen nook looked like this before.  

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