August 3, 2011

Minor Improvements

I haven't had time to tackle any large-scale projects lately.  But, I have to admit two simple projects my parents helped me with have been bringing some much-needed joy to my everyday life:

2011-07-28 at 07-00-22
Look!  The hose doesn't hang out of the faucet anymore, thanks to a new weight installed underneath, courtesy of a sweet old man at The Home Depot and my daddy.

Blackout Shades - for $12!
Mom contributed by helping me turn my inexpensive roller shade (purchased from the previous owner's tenant with all the other window shades) into a black-out shade.  For just $12 at the fabric store and less than an hour of labor, the security light outside no longer keeps me up at night.  HOORAY!  This little improvement also opens the door to my next little project....

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