August 15, 2011

A Big Day for a Little Sis

This past weekend was a momentous occasion in the life of this little sis. I may be 30, but part of me will always be the kid sister clamoring for her big brother's attention and approval.... and after almost eight years as a Chicagoan, my brother Ben FINALLY came to visit me in the Windy City. With just a few hours on the interstates of Indiana and a few wrong turns on Chicagoland tollways, my brother gave me a precious gift - he allowed me to show him and his whole family what my life is like - the home I own, how I get to work, the crazies on the CTA, all the good and the bad of my little life in the big city. It was a short trip, but a BIG deal.

It was an awesome weekend. The kids had a few meltdowns, there were tears, there was some whining, there were two emergency trips to KMart, but, there was also....

Animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo
2011-08-11 at 22-15-45

Aunt Emmy's Favorite Pizza at Pizano's
2011-08-12 at 04-19-33

The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier (Ben, your secret's safe with me)
2011-08-12 at 05-39-31

Dippin' Dots and Family Fun at Navy Pier
2011-08-12 at 05-54-12

American Girl
2011-08-12 at 22-06-09

The LEGOS store
2011-08-12 at 22-26-17

And... the CTA bus!
2011-08-12 at 22-58-01

P.S. A few great quotes from the kids:

  • Zoe (while walking into my place): "Aunt Emmy, is this a hotel?"
  • AJ (while on the bus): "Aun Em-eh, you are so pretty. I love you."
  • Zoe (as we're leaving my place): "Aunt Emmy, that's your pink pepper spray. You spray the bad guys with that.... in the FACE!!!"
  • Zoe (after being told she can't eat in my bed): "Aunt Emmy, why are there so many special rules at your house?"

THANK YOU Big Brother!!!  I love you! 

August 13, 2011

One Morning Can Change Everything!

Last week I was planning a post about which dining chairs to purchase.

Dining Chair Decision

And then, I got a knock on the door.  We had sewage in our basement.  Thousands and thousands of dollars later, I'm now more worried about insurance coverage and special condo assessments than chairs.  This is what my basement looks like now:


Funny how one little thing can change everything, right?  The chairs will have to wait.  No big deal.  The mold is gone and I don't feel like death anymore, so all will be fine.  I'd still like your opinion on the chairs though!

August 3, 2011

Minor Improvements

I haven't had time to tackle any large-scale projects lately.  But, I have to admit two simple projects my parents helped me with have been bringing some much-needed joy to my everyday life:

2011-07-28 at 07-00-22
Look!  The hose doesn't hang out of the faucet anymore, thanks to a new weight installed underneath, courtesy of a sweet old man at The Home Depot and my daddy.

Blackout Shades - for $12!
Mom contributed by helping me turn my inexpensive roller shade (purchased from the previous owner's tenant with all the other window shades) into a black-out shade.  For just $12 at the fabric store and less than an hour of labor, the security light outside no longer keeps me up at night.  HOORAY!  This little improvement also opens the door to my next little project....
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