May 3, 2011

Switching It Up with Two Yards - Part 2

As I posted yesterday, I bought two yards of Anna Marie Horner home decor fabric on a few weeks ago in hopes of adding punches of color to the living room... on a dime (errr... $30).

In addition to the pillows, I finally found a "pop" for the Shirden family secretary unit. I promise, no family heirlooms were damaged during this project.  (I can't say the same for my fingers.) 

All I did was carefully measure and cut cardboard to fit the backs of all three shelves and cut fabric to cover each one. 

2011-05-01 at 05-33-58

After taping the fabric to the cardboard inserts, I just popped them in!  Easy, peasy! I did try to line up the fabric so the design would look consistent, but I just eye-balled it. I'm tired on Sunday afternoons, what can I say?

2011-05-01 at 05-45-26

How did I do? 

2011-05-01 at 05-56-18

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