May 2, 2011

Switching It Up with Two Yards - Part 1

Can I spice things up with just two yards of home dec fabric??  When I moved in, I started with a very neutral palette in the main living space with the plan to add in colors over time as fabrics and pieces that I love come into my life.  I own now, so there’s no rush, right?

Sure, but I have very little patience and a very small budget to match.  To patch things up, I decided to spend about $30 on two yards of fun, high-quality home decorating fabric.  

My last apartment was very bright and bold, centered around the Anna Marie Horner quilt I made.  (It lives in the guest room now.)  I wanted to tone the colors down a bit for my grown-up condo, but I did find my way back to Anna Marie Horner again.  This time one of her home dec fabric collections stole my heart and my $30 budget.  I started with two pillows and the remaining yardage will show up in a few more unexpected places later this week.  

New Pillow, Rug

Pillow Work - Close-up

I’m loving the navy and ultimately would like to add a navy and white rug when I can afford it.  Teal is also really hot right now and blends in well with the neutral palette.  To stretch the two yards out a bit, I used a white backing on the larger pillow, leaving plenty of fabric for my next project.  How have you stretched a tiny decorating budget into value-size?  

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