April 26, 2011

Guest Room/Home Office Version 3.0

Guest Room - Stage 3

The guest room/home office has already been through several iterations since I moved in December.  And while version 2.0 was the most dramatic with the white walls and new bookshelves, I’m pretty fond of the final look.  The best part?  The last round of improvements didn’t cost a penny! 
Guest Room/Office Window
I repurposed my pedestal side table and lamp from the living room, giving me a spot to house my laptop and light to read by. Have I blogged about the curtains?  They're from IKEA and I LOVE them.  
Guest Room - Stage 3
My favorite mirrors bounce light from the ceiling fixture off the wall and really showcase the tall ceilings. The bookshelves are still all the storage and organization my little heart could ever desire.  The sofa is now my favorite spot to "work from home." 
Guest Room - Stage 3
This wall is a hodge-podge of frames right now, but they’re all things that needed a home.  
And, in full disclosure, this is what the final wall typically looks like.  I’m not perfect!  The exercise ball makes me feel healthy and the ironing board is at the ready for quilt projects.  

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bethjo said...

This is the coolest home office ever! Please come to Arizona and save me from the invasion of pottery barn kids!


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