March 8, 2011

Tricks of the Trade

I may be new to home ownership, but I'm not new to DIY.  I realized this weekend I do have a few crafty tricks up my sleeve when it comes to flying solo on the home front.  Allow me to illustrate for you how a single lady gets DIY done:

Secret Weapon: Heels

1.  Heels in Home Depot.  Yep, do you know when you get the very best possible service in a big box home improvement store?  Sunday mornings, right before church.  You're dressed up (ok, as dressed up as a get: jeans and heels), looking good and on a mission.  The menfolk come running with "Can I help you ma'am."

Secret Weapon: Petite Squares

2.  These little "Petite Squares" from Pampered Chef are killer.  Not only are they perfect for soy sauce when eating sushi, they are great for keeping little pieces of hardware - like shelf pegs - organized and accessible. 

Secret Weapon: Rug

3.  Never underestimate the amount of weight you can scoot with a plush rug without a no-slip backing.  How could I assemble bookcases in one room and get them to the other without killing myself?  This ugly old green rug from IKEA and the grace of God no doubt.

Well, those are three of my nifty little secrets.  What are yours?


Binky said...

Haha I love this life hacking post! At first I thought you MADE the heels. :-D
My one hack is that most tables are better on casters, (With locks of course.) :-D It works well for photography tables, art, or cakes... and it would go great on a daybed in a guestroom so you can easily shift it around.

Emily said...

Hi Binky - Love the wheels tip!! I wish I could make those shoes. :-) I would save a lot of money on my unhealthy obsession with Cole Haan.

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