March 16, 2011

Little Improvements Here and There

I haven't been able to dive into a large project (or finish my guest room), but I have done a few small things in the past week that I wanted to share.

1.) With a roll of wrapping paper from Target, I updated my heirloom secretary again! The sticky wrapping paper from Hallmark adhered so much better, but the color just didn't work anymore. I'm on the look-out for a better option. Until then, I give you Target wedding wrapping paper!

2011-03-14 at 07-14-04

2011-03-14 at 07-13-42

2.) I also am loving all the organization of my new bookshelves. I used scrapbook paper to label and pretty up my storage boxes and recipe binders.

2011-03-13 at 11-25-24


3.)  Finally, by giving my DVD's a more proper home in the second bedroom I now have  room to show off my vintage crates.  They said goodbye to the closet and are being welcomed in their new home in my entryway. I'm not sure they'll stay here as they don't really serve a purpose, but I love 'em so they need to live somewhere!

2011-03-14 at 07-14-24

2011-03-14 at 07-15-07

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