March 6, 2011

Guest Room Version 2.1

Last weekend I painted.  This weekend, I IKEA'd.

First, my friend Lindsey kindly donated her time and her SUV to go out to the big, blue suburban looney bin.  We got run over by several shopping carts and got lost a few times, but it was so much more fun than going alone!  And, quite frankly, the boxes for the BILLY bookcases wouldn't have been manageable all by my lonesome.  They barely fit in her SUV... and the two of us were barely able to carry the big ones after our respective morning work-outs.  I had to sit in the backseat behind her on the trip back to fit everything in - check it out!!  A big thanks to Lindsey (who also blogs at "Life As a Z" and "The Block.")

BILLY in Transit

I let the huge 6' plus boxes block the doorway to my bedroom as long as I could, and then I set to work... all by myself on Sunday afternoon.  Yes, my independent streak is much stronger than my patience, and wait for help I couldn't.  To my surprise, the assembly was simple and only took about two hours for all four bookcases.  It took about as long to decide where to put each of the shelves and load them up once they were in place!

IKEA BILLY in Progress
In place... amidst a mess!

IKEA BILLY shelves
The shelves - ready to roll!

I'm calling this version 2.1, as quite a few things on the shelf need to be reworked - I want to recover my recipe binders, paint my thread spool holder, and I'm sure I'll move things around quite a bit.  I also have a plan for curtains and the TV wall.  Budget-permitting, I'd also like to add those FLOR tiles and IKAT pillows to the look.  I'll be on the look-out for a sale!

What do you think thus far??

Guest Room Version 2.1

Guest Room Version 2.1

Guest Room Version 2.1
 Please ignore what looks like dirty towels under the sofa. Those are actually "carefully" wrapped frames that will eventually go back on the wall.


Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Love the shelving unit, and I love that quilt!!

Emily said...

Thank you MCH! I made the quilt last winter, so you just made my day!! :-)

Lindsey said...

it was a blast! the shelves look great em, nice work ;-)

katie said...

I LOVE the shelves behind the sofa - Henry and I are planning on doing that in our new place too! It looks so great Em!!

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