March 1, 2011

Guest Room Reno Update!

It’s white. Snow White, in fact, but you'll have to take my word for it until Nikon Baby returns to Chicago tomorrow.  (She got left at her Grandma's on accident.)

After consulting paint decks, magazines, Twitter, blogs, Flickr and more, I found myself in my neighborhood paint store surrounded in Benjamin Moore swatches. I was overwhelmed and indecisive, but with the calm, knowledgable, bilingual shop owner’s words of encouragement, I said "let's go with this one" and set off to do the unthinkable: paint an entire room by myself.  Never underestimate the power of a swift "Vamanos!" kick in the yoga pants.

I came home, persuaded the upstairs neighbor to promptly dial 9-1-1 if she heard a loud crash, and started my balancing act around the top of my ladder (on the step marked DANGER - DO NOT STAND!) to tape off the ceilings of my 12' walls.  Once that was crossed off my list, the store owner had said it would “take me a few hours.” Um, how about a few days!?!?! I taped. I “cut in.” I rolled. I repeated.  I painted some more.  I missed an engagement party, ruined a few pairs of socks and had to pick white paint out of my hair to make myself presentable for church, but by Sunday night, there were no more signs of beige.

My imagination is now running NON-STOP on what I can do next. My only limitations are the budget and my need for wall-to-wall bookshelves behind the sofa to fulfill my storage needs.  I'm loving these rooms I found on Flickr.

Family room.
WOWSA to the brown contrast with the white... like my floors and the walls!

grey couch
If that's not my couch, it's his cousin.  How cool is that vintage typewriter?

orange nook
All white with pops of bright color - now we're talking!  

Style at Home spread
I'm still obsessed with that rocker.  Blame all the babies and pregnant ladies in my life.

dining corner inspiration
Great example of the bookshelves as a backdrop for the room.  (And I'm always a sucker for a tulip table and clear acrylic furniture!)

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