February 15, 2011

Not-So Secret Secret Single Behavior

I don't know about you, but I spent an excessive amount of time in my twenties watching episodes of Carrie Bradshaw and the ladies of SATC.  Say what you may about questionable morals and story lines, when you look past the dirty scenes and shock value words, there's a lot of good stuff in there - true stuff, real stuff about issues that really hit home both then and now... relationships, finding your way through life, buying your first place, starting families and more.  Thanks to recent re-runs on the E! Network, I was reminded this weekend of a few... including "Secret Single Behavior."   

Do you remember?  Carrie's was something to do with saltine crackers and fashion magazines, Charlotte walked around her Park Avenue apartment with her engagement ring... post divorce.  Everyone but Samantha had something they would never do in front of someone else.  Tonight, on the day when everyone else is celebrating their relationships, I decided I would celebrate one of my "Secret Single Behaviors" and disclose it to the world.  My no-recipe, no-mess, no-waiting combo of inexpensive frozen shrimp, spaghetti noodles, a little evoo, garlic, salt, pepper, white wine if it's on hand... and oh yeah, more salt.  Yep, I over-salt on purpose, I eat it standing up in my kitchen while watching TV.  YUM.  It's a dinner that is oh-so tasty, but always extra salty... and I love it. 

My V-Day Dinner

Good night!  

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