February 2, 2011

My Name (and Decor Splurges) in Print!

Chicago's RedEye, the Chicago Tribune's hip, daily commuter paper, did a story on little old me on Monday!!!  The cover story aimed in on the trend of bachelors buying condos before settling down with a spouse.  The truth of the matter is though, buying isn't just for the boys - and I was the example that proved we single ladies have buying power, too!

Monday's Cover


Read the full article online that calls me "single and swanky."  I still have a lot of work to be done on the condo, but please enjoy an updated house tour that will hopefully prove I'm at least on my way to "swanky." 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Em, it all looks SO AWESOME! And you're famous! :) Deservedly so. It does look like 30 is treating you well, I hope this year we get to come visit your new home! xo, katie
PS: I've wanted that coffee table for a very long time too!!

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