February 16, 2011

My Guest Room Plan of Attack: From Inhabitable to Insanely Sheek & Organized

I have two big problems with my guest room. For one, I don’t want to spend time in there. Even more central to my everyday quality of life, I am in desperate need of more storage. I’ve been so fixated on the need to clean out my storage unit to make more space that I was overlooking the bigger issue: the guest room’s design totally stinks.

I loved my fun wall o’ randomness at the apartment, but I just haven’t fallen in love with it here. The beige paint color is slowly driving me mad, and furthermore, can anyone tell me why I have a desk in there? I NEVER sit at desks outside the office. I was fixated on putting a desk in there, but, really, my laptops each have their own special spot at the dining room table. And my sewing machine? Yeah, it likes the dining room table, too. The big TV in the living/dining room has DVR and ON DEMAND and swivels right at ya – how can you not like working from there?

I do still love my Room & Board ENCORE sofa. She’s perfect and exactly what I wanted, but everything else in there has obviously been driving me crazy. Enter a late night of HGTV, recent product blog spottings and my love of modern wallpaper in small doses… and....

Guest Room Plan of Attack

So what do you think? If Genevieve Gordon can put a sofa in front of built-ins, why can’t I create the illusion of expensive built-ins with cheapo IKEA Billy bookcases? And the Eames rocker? It’s a $60 knock-off I found on Amazon.com. And yes, the walls will be white…. fresh, clean, bright, white. There will be color – my quilt of crazy Anna Marie Horner fabrics will still call this room home and I’d like to paint little accessories for the shelves and a small yet-to-be-salvaged from Salvation Army end table an undecided bright color.  In fact, I think this room is screaming for some hot pink Pantone Color of the Year honeysuckle!  We'll see. 

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