February 14, 2011

Is Love in the Air? You Tell Me!

Happy Valentines? I’m a big proponent of showing love to friends, family, colleagues, clients and human beings in general every day – not just one day in the middle of February. I don’t have a significant other to celebrate with either, but, I guess an excuse to eat chocolate hearts can’t be all that bad. Want to make it an even better day for single ol’ me? As a new, first-time condo owner, I need a lot of help, so I thought of a few ways you could show me some lovin’….

2011-02-11 at 22-47-26

Light Up My Recessed Lighting: Those silly light bulbs in the ceiling keep going out. I’m going to be in the dark soon, and I don’t know what bulbs to buy or how to change them.

Two Coats: No, not my latest J Crew clearance shopping spree... paint coats! I’ve picked my colors, now I just need the funds or the muscles to do the paint job on the condo. Interested??

2011-02-11 at 22-47-08

Leave Me Hanging: I cannot for the life of me get this one window shade up. I know it fits because I saw that shade hanging in that window before I bought the place. The paper shade leaves a lot to be desired, doesn't it?

2011-02-11 at 22-48-34 (1)

Heavy Lifting: This stuff doesn’t go here. It goes in the storage unit. I can’t get the wood and glass screen down the stairs myself, and it needs to go in the back of the storage unit so I can organize the rest. It’s holding up my organization project.

Extra Credit: I would love to purchase new rugs for the guest room and living room, cushions for the kitchen stools, replace my damaged hardwood floors and install dimmers on all my recessed lighting. You know, in case you REALLY love me. If not, please post a comment to say “hi.” I’d love that, too.

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Angela said...

Hi! I haven't read your blog in a while but it's good to see that you're in a new condo and enjoying it! Hopefully you'll be featured as a house tour on AT soon :)

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