January 2, 2011

Makeover Time!

It was time for a change, and so the wild and crazy trellis print on my dining room chairs was bid adieu. It was rather easy to reupholster the chairs again, but I’m still finding loose staples from removing the old fabrics. Here’s a quick snapshot of how I spent an evening giving my table and chairs and totally fresh look:

2010-11-15 at 08-55-40 

2010-11-15 at 08-55-47

2010-11-15 at 09-04-16

2010-11-15 at 09-17-26

2010-11-20 at 06-51-07
2010-11-20 at 10-04-13

2010-11-20 at 10-04-34

2010-11-20 at 06-33-25

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