December 27, 2010

It's Crunch Time!!!

Yikes.  Six months ago I set out to accomplish 30 things before I turned 30.  Shucks is all I have to say!  There's a lot left on the list, but a few I may be able to cross off the list in the next two weeks, including:

1. Go to the Art Institute of Chicago. (Next week after work - the museum is free starting Jan. 3 during the week!) 

2. Hang the chandelier in my bedroom. (Will be done tomorrow) 

7. Eat in Chinatown.

9. Ice skate at Millennium Park.

11. Stay out until 4 a.m. one last time…. and live to tell about it.

22. Have a dog at Hot Doug’s.

25. Eliminate any credit card debt. (Sponsors?  Just kidding - I'm almost there.) 

26. Enjoy the view from the Tasting Room on a clear night.

27. Plan a vacation to Napa. (I'm working on it!) 

28. Conquer my fear of the yoga studio.

29. Capture Ukie Village neighborhood attractions with photos – the neon signs at Alcala’s, St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, etc.

Everything else is either seasonal or out of my control.... how much can I get done in 10 days?????

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