July 12, 2010

Blooming Walls for Renters

2010-07-09 at 03-44-46

Something's blooming around here, and it's certainly not the flowers on my back patio!  I purchased these fun wall decals from Byrdie Graphics on Etsy.com a few months ago, but was a bit nervous despite their claim that "landlords love them." What if mine would not?  Well, before the big photo shoot I decided it was now or never.  (The boss man upstairs hasn't seen them, but I'm rather confident they'll come down without any trouble if he ever gets my tight grip on this apartment loose.) 

It was more difficult than I had anticipated, but I love them just as much - or more - than I expected.  The room is finally coming together!!  It's seen quite a few iterations in the past year, but it's almost done.  Don't you think?  Here are a few more looks to show how the rest of the room has come together. 

2010-07-09 at 03-45-31

2010-07-09 at 03-45-11

A beautiful Amy Butler wallpaper would be better, but I'm quite confident that would not be landlord approved - or pocketbook friendly. Amy will have to wait. Until then, I very much like my white blooms. It'll now always be springtime indoors, no matter what's going on outside on the streets of Chicago!


Quiana said...

Hi Emily! I'm visiting from AT. Great post over there =) Where is your bedding from?

Emily said...

Welcome from AT! The bedding is actually from Urban Outfitters.

Quiana said...

Thank you =)

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