March 1, 2010


Quilt in Progress

Remember when I started this quilt last winter? I lusted over fabrics, scoured the Internet for a cool pattern, and giddily set myself to work cutting and piecing. I loved watching how all the different Anna Maria Horner fabrics came together. But once I got it that far, it was time to move on to packing, then unpacking, and then all the home decor and seasonal projects I've blogged about over the past year.  And I just haven't gotten back to it....until now!

There are a lot of things going on in my life this winter that I can't control, and my natural tendency when I feel like I'm not behind the wheel of my own life is to focus on something I can boss around until the job is done.  Quilt, hun, if you hadn't noticed, you're IT!

If all continues to go well, I'll be cuddling up in this puppy by the weekend! 

1 comment:

Lindsay and Joe said...

Oh my word I LOVE this quilt! Those fabrics are amazing! I miss you buddy! Our plan is to drive up from IN to visit my brother in the U.P. after school is out. We just might take you up on the room offer as we pass through Chicago!

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