February 9, 2010

Dealing with the White Stuff

In Chicago, we get pounded by a blizzard and you know what?  Everyone hikes up their Hunter boots and keeps on moving, even despite a totally dysfunctional public transit system!  This city is hard core and I LOVE it.  This morning everyone got to work, and tonight, everyone got home.  It was a slow commute, but we made it happen.  

As I type, the snow is still coming down and I can hear a cab laboring to pull away after dropping off my downstairs neighbor (I assume... we're really the only two on the block that take cabs frequently) and there's another neighbor shoveling.   The city never sleeps!  After growing up in an area that freaks when the four-letter s-word is used in a weather forecast, it's refreshing to see an entire city buck up and take the winter weather by the horns.  I'm proud of my city.  And after six years of residence and finding my way through the snow this morning without falling flat on my face (because I couldn't tell where the curbs were under all the snow), I think I can claim Chicago as my own.    

In the coming days I'll share yet another iteration of my master bedroom decor, the progress I'm making on my quilt (finally) and a few projects I'm working on for others, including curtains for Covenant's nursery.  I've been quiet because I've been working on a far less exciting endeavor - project get in shape for spring weddings.  It's coming along slowly but surely and I'm trying to recall how to balance this ball in the air along with all the others.  

Happy snow days to those of you who aren't Chicagoans!!    

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