January 27, 2010

When Life Throws You Faux Lemons - Do You Throw Them Back?

My natural gut reaction to fake flowers in home decorating is “no.” I simply don’t like how they collect a lot of dust. But, I realize that I’m not against other faux botanicals, specifically lemons and limes and pussy willows. So what do you think – are faux’s a yeah or a neigh?

My near-obsession started with lemons. I lack the flower gene and didn’t want the fake ones within a certain radius of my house, so I was forced to think outside the vase a bit. I knew I wanted a second splash of yellow in the room to compliment my favorite chair, and somehow, I can’t remember how, I thought of lemons. So, I waited for the half-off cycle at Hobby Lobby to turn to the flower department and I bought myself a bunch of high-quality faux lemons. (Trust me, you don't buy real fruit in downtown Chicago and tote it home for LOOKS. It's all typically just too expensive and far too close to spoiling for that, you can take my word on it!)

But the fake ones on the other hand, those puppies last. Flash forward seven months and those lemons are still living happily in my tall glass vase and have yet to smell, require extensive cleaning (only the occasional dusting) and have tricked more than one houseguest into thinking they’re the real deal. This week I added faux limes into the mix in the neighboring bowl that had once housed glass Christmas ornaments. They’re not fooling me as well and I’m not sure why – but the bowl looks plain stupid empty. And my attempt at real ones, well, that literally stunk.

2010-01-26 at 11-18-08
Any thoughts? I’m stumped, but I want to use my bowl there for two very important reasons: I love it and well, I love it.


MonkeyBusiness said...

I think they look pretty good! I would keep them like that.

Unknown said...

I must admit, even as an interior designer I use the fake lemons and limes for everyday use. Can easily switch out for the real deal when entertaining, but gosh they are expensive during the winter months. xoxo

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