January 14, 2010

Missing in Action: Prince Charming

Last week I lost a plaid slipper:

2010-01-12 at 11-56-24

It was a cute shoe that I had scouted out during after-Christmas sales and waited in line enduring mind-numbingly loud music at American Eagle to purchase for $14.99. This probably bears the question "How does one lose a shoe??" Well, you put them in your purse and wear your warm boots home because it's around 0 degrees outside with the windchill and there's lots of snow on the ground.

On my way home, I stopped at Trader Joe's to stock up on inexpensive frozen seafood and purchase crackers, wine and cheese for my birthday gathering. My bags weren't packed as nicely as they should have been and I had a bit of trouble returning to the bus, getting on the bus, and schlepping from the bus to my house. (The joys of not owning a car!) When I did manage to get home, I noticed one of my shoes was no longer in my purse! I re-traced my steps in the neighborhood, but did not have hope that going back downtown and following my path back to Trader Joe's would result in finding the shoe. By now, it was on a homeless man's cart or on a bus that would be near the end of its route by now in a not-very friendly part of town.

Instead of waiting for Prince Charming to find my missing slipper and bring it back to me in fairy tale fashion (this is Chicago, not Disney World, after all), I logged online and bought the $14.99 shoes again. This modern-day Cinderella knows how to get stuff done!  Good thing, too, because Prince Charming hasn't shown up yet with my missing plaid slipper.  Maybe it needed to be glass???

2010-01-12 at 11-54-57

Disclaimer:  I didn't really expect Prince Charming to show up at my doorstop, but I do know that someday, some way, my Prince Charming will arrive in God's time, not mine.  Just thought I should clarify..... 

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