January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Having your birthday the first week of the New Year creates a double-whammy of sorts. Both are occasions when you look back on the past year and inevitably beat yourself up for what didn't get done and what hasn't happened according to plan. I'd like to blog more, complain less, have more patience, snack less, work out more...... and have a great-looking apartment. Oh wait, I think I've got that one covered! I've been a busy girl the past few days. Check it out!

Dining and Living Rooms
Can you spot all my hard work? First off, all the holiday decor is tucked away!

2010-01-06 at 12-54-51
The new dresser still looks great minus the Christmas decor - and I love the pussywillows next to it and my mix of faux and real fruit!

2010-01-06 at 12-55-02
This pillow was calling for a little fun, so I broke out the heat and bond and made a bird with Anna Marie Horner scraps. What do you think?

2010-01-06 at 12-55-09
My new chair! A little birthday/Christmas money here and there, and my reward for a $0 NYE resulted in this online purchase. She went together in a snap and is super comfortable!! (The pillow was a gift from the greatest sis-in-law ever!)

2010-01-06 at 12-56-07
I wanted to put a not-so permanent stamp on my family heirloom secretary – and I got this wrapping paper at Hallmark on clearance. I rode all the way from Indy to Chicago with this roll between my knees to make it happen. I think it turned out great – and will not leave even a mark on the wood when I change my mind. In front of the paper are a few Christmas presents – the new “pure and simple” butter dish and “dream” plate, as well as my Pooh, all gifts from my parents. (More on this project at a later date...)

2010-01-06 at 12-55-49
I’m having some people over this weekend, so I put the leaves down in my table and really like how open it makes this space. I probably should have thought of this sooner considering my dining room is more regularly used as my entryway! Also, in rearranging the living room, I also moved a few lamps around. This one ended up in the dining room and I LOVE the soft light it creates. I’ve never been a fan of overhead lighting because lamp light is so much cozier and welcoming. In fact of all the changes, this might be my favorite!

2010-01-06 at 12-59-03
I used a free online Amy Butler lotus paper flower pattern to create fabric flowers with black and white fabrics I’ve been collecting for the past year or so. Even with the fusible interfacing on the fabric, the still lack the 3-D shape I was going for, but I think I can get something at JoAnn’s that would stiffen up the fabric on my next trip. (More on this project later, I hope!)

2010-01-06 at 13-01-32
I put them on the walls in the bedroom, too, and touched up the pillows on my bed and the artwork on the walls to tie more closely to the bathroom. I thought doing an all black-and-white theme in both rooms would give more of a master bedroom feel, even if there's a hallway in between!

2010-01-06 at 13-02-57
I updated the curtain with the same log cabin quilt design I used on the bed's throw pillow. And note the coral on top of the stack of books - I scored that for under $10 at Anthropolgie while scouting for a birthday shirt!!!! (LOVE their home clearance table!) Note, birthday shirt was NOT a steal....
That's all from me. Have a great day - I hope to!!


MonkeyBusiness said...

Happy Birthday! And LOVE the bedroom decor, it's super awesome!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I LOOOVE it! So great. I always talk about my "if I were not married (ie. had a man living in my house" dream space and this would go in the book. So great!

I am hearing that contact paper may not be good on drywall! Don't ruin your walls! I would feel terrible.

If you do give it a try, I want to see. I think a chevron would look awesome with all of your other fun stuff.- stephanie

Jessie said...

Stumbled across your blog via apartment therapy. I must say, I am in love with your decor! Bravo. From one midwestern girl (up north in Madison) to another, cheers!

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