January 4, 2010

Christmas with the Family - Part 1

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite holiday.  My brother and I had quite a few traditions and it was a day we always got to spend at home, the same way, with just Mom and Dad.  In a word, it was special.  

Now that we've both grown up and Ben has a family of his own, things have changed, but new traditions are fun, too!  One of the highlights of my time at home this year was our second attempt to make cookies for Santa.  This year even the little man got to participate.  

2009-12-24 at 01-35-54

2009-12-24 at 01-09-18

2009-12-24 at 01-15-02

After cookies were ready for Santa (to be set out with two percent milk later in the evening), Ben and I passed on our tradition of exchanging gifts to the kids.  They each got to open ONE present.  

2009-12-24 at 01-49-12

2009-12-24 at 01-51-31
Zoe got special dresses - one for her and one for her Bitty Baby!  

2009-12-24 at 01-53-17
A.J. gets to be spider man after each bath now!  

2009-12-24 at 06-17-46
I love this picture.  It cracks me up.  Maybe you had to be there.  In addition to the nephew post temper-tantrum, please give special attention to the perfectly steamed dresses, both Zoe's and her doll baby's..... courtesy of yours truly.  

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