January 4, 2010

Christmas Surprise!

2009-12-23 at 05-26-20
There was an omission to my post about making Christmas presents, a big one, in fact!  My sis-in-law mentioned she'd "someday like to have something I had made."  I knew she liked the wall hanging I had done for my guest room and well, I couldn't let a comment like that go unnoticed.  But, she's one of my most loyal readers and I didn't want to spoil the surprise!  

I used Heather Bailey's latest collection, Nicey Jane, in hopes that it would at least match her new laundry room.  I brought the quilt home, picked up a frame at Hobby Lobby, asked Dad for his staple gun and set to work.  I was pretty pleased with the result, but had no idea Nikki would love it so much - she hung it later that day in the dining room!!!  I'm so honored it's out for all her friends and guests to see!!!  

2009-12-24 at 23-11-01

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