January 14, 2010

Birthday Recap!

2010-01-12 at 12-20-13

I can't believe it's been a week since my birthday!!! Now that the holidays and birthday fesitivies are over, the winter "blahs" are probably just around the corner. To keep them at bay just a bit longer, I want to be reminded of what a GREAT birthday I had last week!!

2010-01-09 at 12-04-14

2010-01-09 at 12-03-03

2010-01-09 at 12-01-29

2010-01-09 at 12-01-19

2010-01-09 at 12-01-52

I didn't take as many photos as I would like and for some reason a few didn't end up in my Flickr stream, but you get the ideas! Also, a few super-sweet guests brought me flowers! I LOVE flowers.... especially the kind that are already dead so I don't have the pressure to keep them alive!

2010-01-12 at 11-52-36

2010-01-12 at 11-54-06

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