December 7, 2009

'Tis the Season

The View

It's that time of year, ya know, the BEST time of year for home decorating!!  I've accumulated quite the collection of ornaments, nativities, Santas and such.  Now that I have room for everything and then some, I'm yearning for a new tree.  Wouldn't an 8 footer look smashing in the living room?  I digress.  

I wanted to share a few of my favorite tricks of the trade.  Besides having a mom that loves to gift decorations every year, I have a few other tricks up my Santa suit to make a lot of bang for not much buck.  

1.  Wrapping paper and ribbon can make any year-round item a holiday decoration!  

Wall Presents
Exhibit A:  Inexpensive art canvases I purchased earlier this fall

Wrapping Paper Tray
Exhibit B: Serving tray 

2.  Ornaments in pretty bowls are classy, simple and spread a budget far, although I'd spring for the shatterproof ones next time!  

TV Cabinet

Even in the Kitchen!

Dining Room

3.  Have fun!  Not everything has to match.  This year I found a place for all those old decorations that remind me of special people and memories - and I think the result is eclectic, fun and homey.  


Built-in Unit

Christmas Tree in the Morning



katie said...

You're the cutest! LOVE the decorations, and I really want your tree skirt! Did you make it (I'm guessing!)

Emily said...

Yep, I made it - and my mom helped!!

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