December 8, 2009

Big News!!!!

It's my favorite day of the whole year!!! OK, ok, maybe my second-most favorite. But it's still an awesome day. Today Pantone announced their color of the year!!! What an awesome day for home design. I'm always curious to know what the experts think will be tops, and look back on the previous year to see if the last prediction was reflected in our tastes, preferences and ultimately our homes.

Drum roll please! The Color of the Year for 2010 is..... turquoise!

2009-12-08 at 10-23-44

They describe the color as inviting and luminous. Can't say I've ever used a lot of the hue, but I am fond of it. I think for a brief time in the early 90's I claimed it was my favorite color. (I had not yet discovered my affinity for white.) You can read more about it here. You can also see how excited other bloggers, specifically House of Turquoise, are here!

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