November 29, 2009

Christmas Memories

Ah, the annual Christmas card photo. Every year my mom would comb our hair and make us put on our Sunday best. We were told to smile and pretend we liked each other for long enough to snap a good Christmas card photo. There were typically pinches and punches and screaming involved - standard when my big brother and I had to be within a few feet of each other. To make matters worse, Mom typically procrastinated or we ran away every time she mentioned it, and we got around to taking a good photo halfway through the Advent season - and Christmas cards arrived with holiday greetings around New Year's.

Today Christmas card photos are a lot less hassle. Digital photography makes it easier to know if you got a good shot right away, and developing and printing is almost instantaneous. You know what else will make them a breeze for Chicago folks? If you're running behind or don't have any ideas on where to take this year's Christmas card photo for you or your family, I'll do them for you for a nominal fee. (And I gladly accept payment via gift card.)

Here some of my favorite shots from the past:

Christmas Card 1981

Christmas Card 1983

Christmas Card 1985

Don't you want to capture memories like this for your family?

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