October 5, 2009

Quilting Goes Batty!

2009-10-04 at 01-28-11

I couldn't decide how to quilt my Halloween masterpiece - but my mom had a great idea!!  We used her fancy embroidery machine to quilt fun Halloween shapes all over it.  There are pumpkins, bats, witch's hats, scary cats and candy corns in black stitches all over it now.  It was really simple - I have to say her Brother machine is really nice!!  I would have taken more photos of the process, but Mom's sewing room wasn't ready for its Internet debut.  It's a work in progress, she says.  

Now I just have to hand sew the binding down on the back and it's ready for it's debut - stay tuned!  I hope to have it out and ready to roll yet this week, before it's too late!

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