October 17, 2009

"It's a Great Wall Hanging, Charlie Brown!"

Mom's Halloween Wall Hanging
In one of the best seasonal cartoons of all time, Linus is convinced that there is a magical spirit that will appear on Halloween bearing gifts and glory to those who believe.  He stays behind while the other kids go trick or treating and celebrate their plunders with a party to keep watch in  a nearby pumpkin patch.  Poor Linus, the Great Pumpkin never comes.  But I had faith this year that my mom, now retired, would finish the Charlie Brown wall hangings she has had planned for, well, quite some time.  (Think several years...)  

Like Linus, I awaited somebody bearing gifts with great anticipation. (Read: I stalked the UPS man.)  Luckily I wasn't waiting for the non-existent Halloween spirit, and my mom really did send off a package complete with my favorite chicken soup mix and this great wall hanging!! 

I'm excited to finally have something on the wall above my console, even if it isn't a big flat screen TV.  I love it!  And now only is it cute, it's special because my momma made it, and two just like it hang on walls of loved one's back home.  

Halloween Decor 2009

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