September 17, 2009

Fall, I’m Ready for You!

Halloween Quilted Table Topper In Progress!

I fell for fall several years ago. I think it was the incredible beauty of autumn in Bloomington, Ind., home of Indiana University, where I spent the best four years of my life thus far. Chicago may not have as many rolling hills and changing leaves, but it’s still a pretty awesome time. Football season provides low-maintenance, low-cost social activity and the perfect background noise for household chores and projects, while the crisp, clean feeling in the air just makes everything better, don’t you think?

Ok, ok, I digress. I’m really ready for fall because I’ve been able to make progress on my Halloween quilt! The goal is to have it finished in early October so it has a full month to shine!! My one hold up seems to be I can’t decide how to quilt it. Any suggestions? My last attempt at circles was bad, but do you think I could do pumpkin shapes? Diagonal lines? Stitch in the ditch??  I'm open to suggestions, but keep 'em simple, please. 

Have a wonderful weekend – I’ll be disconnected from the wonderful www for the next few days while I enjoy the rustic splendor of northwest Ohio with the best friend and her fam (and maybe some of mine).  See ya on the flip side of this Megabus trip, courtesy of their fabulous free wireless!  (No, they didn't pay me to say that.)  

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