September 28, 2009

Em in the A.M. - Supper Club: Brunch Style!

2009-09-26 at 21-58-43
Sunday I hosted three of my favorite couples for a brunch installment of our fun dinner club. I had a blast - and like any five course meal preparation with beverage pairings, I learned a lot!!

2009-09-27 at 00-51-50
Any hour spent with friends is happy hour.

2009-09-27 at 00-51-32
Ice cubes made from juice are a super-easy and super-impressive touch.

2009-09-27 at 00-51-26
Shredding onions in a food processor is quite likely my eyes' worst nightmare, but these potato pancakes were worth it!  

2009-09-27 at 01-12-03

Why do they call watermelons seedless when they have seeds, and why are seedless cucumbers so long and skinny?  Don't know, but watermelon gazpacho is good!  

2009-09-27 at 01-44-36
Tried and true recipes amidst new ones add strength to your bench.  Highly recommend throwing in an old fav.  These lemon ricotta soufflĂ© guys are an old stand-by recipe I found in Glamour magazine years ago!!  

2009-09-27 at 01-59-16
Anything that starts with bacon and sausage and onion in a skillet has to be good.  Thanks, Paula Deen!

2009-09-27 at 02-41-42
Even if it doesn't look as good as a cookbook cover, doesn't mean it doesn't taste like it.  

2009-09-27 at 02-48-02
Great wine doesn't have to be expensive.  

2009-09-27 at 03-19-04
Always check to make sure your waffle iron works in advance, or you'll have to make ugly chocolate pancakes instead.  Oh, and be careful when you add Brandy to a bubbling hot mix of butter and sugar - WOOOOSH!!!

2009-09-28 at 08-03-44
When I die and go to heaven, all I'll ever need is citrus-infused white hot chocolate and God.  (And Grand Marnier makes everything better.)  

2009-09-27 at 04-30-01
Gale Gand's cookbook will change your life.  It already changed mine.  And I think it gave my friend a food coma.  

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