August 3, 2009

What a Weekend!!

I got a ton done this weekend and I can't wait to show it all.  First up, a project I have had in the works (or in my mind) since before the move.  Let me set the stage:  

I wanted to reuse an old duvet cover from Pottery Barn for my master bedroom, but I had lost the shams over the years.  I also have always wanted European shams.  So, I scouted T.J. Maxx until I found two Ralph Lauren pillows for about $12 each.  (That was in April.)  I also purchased a random flat sheet for the white fabric, because it too was just over $10 and seemed much cheaper than yards of a high-quality cotton, but I wanted an accent fabric in the center.  

Fast forward to August, and I finally selected a fabric that goes along with my West Elm rug (from my old hallway), the old duvet (from my very first apartment in the city) and my collection of vintage suitcases.  Whew!  

Finding the fabric ended up being relatively easy, actually.  I've been drawn to this fabric from Amy Butler forever, and a great excuse to buy a few yards.  (I have other bedroom projects in mind for down the road.... you'll see!)  

Lots of measuring and a bit of sewing later,  I finally finished the pillows!!  

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