August 10, 2009

Two Weekends, Too Much Fun!

It's Monday already and I still haven't shared all my projects from the previous weekend! In addition to finishing the European pillow shams for my bedroom, I also made curtains for my dining room.

2009-08-01 at 03-50-09

My dining room is also my entry way and main hallway - connecting my living room and studio space with my kitchen, bath and master bedroom. Where am I going here? I walk through it a lot - and I hate rental blinds. You see, I've represented a great window fashions company, so cheap blinds really annoy me. But, this doesn't mean I can afford my own taste. I can't.

But, I am creative. Enter leftover IKEA window sheers that were roughly $9.99 over a year ago and two tension rods I asked my dear mother in Indiana to mail me. The sheers were too short, so I first was going to put a floral fabric on the bottom, but that didn't look like I wanted. This is how I ended up with something I can walk by and enjoy!

1. I found inexpensive ribbon that matches one of my dining room chairs and pinned it to the straightened bottom of the sheers - careful to note which was the right side vs. the wrong side of the curtain. (After that I sewed a length of white muslin fabric to the other end of the ribbon.)

2009-08-01 at 03-50-54

2. Then I hung up the unhemmed curtains to ensure the length was just right. (Old houses aren't exactly even, and kinda hard to measure. And, if I can avoid numbers, I do!)

2009-08-01 at 06-07-01

3. Take down the curtains, hem and hang back. Enjoy!!

2009-08-01 at 06-53-15

The cheap rental blinds are still there - but you can't see them! And, I like having two layers between me and the next-door neighbors 7 feet away!

2009-08-01 at 06-53-40

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