August 10, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts!!!

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Today I ran a few errands with a friend. She wants my help creating a French memo board for her kitchen to cover up an unsightly fuse box. What do I get out of the deal? I got a free ride to an art store and a fabric store AND the company of a great lady! Needless to say, I was feeling really good when I walked upstairs with my 3-pack of back-to-school special art canvases and clearance fabrics.

I walked in, sat my loot down on the dining room table, reached for the light and BUG!!!! And, not just any bug, mind you. This girl can handle a baby spider, or a fly, or, well, an ant. It was a house centipede. I'll spare you the picture from this guy's cousin a few weeks ago. Scary, freaky 30-legged creature that crawls freakishly fast.

I must have stumbled on this one, however, on my way to the light, because the sucker was escaping slowly. Afraid he might run up my leg in a desperate getaway, I quickly removed my Aldo wedge and beat my slow-moving target to a pulp. He's dead - but where did he come from? Why do I keep finding these crazy, unnatural creatures that can live 3-7 years in a home???

So, happy thoughts. I've decided my sofa is sacred ground and am camping out. I've never seen one on the sofa.... yet.

May your night be free of creepy crawlies and full of happy thoughts.

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