August 18, 2009

Pom Pom Perils

As if my guest room hadn't gotten girly and nursery-like enough yet with feminine patchwork all over the place, ribbon decor, pennants and big white nursery-like letters, I had to up the ante even more. I couldn't resist making a few pom poms from a Martha Stewart kit my digits latched onto in a Michael's store earlier this spring and wouldn't let go of. (It was on SALE! How could I put it down???)

I followed the directions on the package, illustrated below, but I must tell you that what they don't tell you is before you start spreading out all the tissue paper into a glorious ball of fluff, you really should tie ribbon to the wire holding the thing together in the center. Thank goodness I thought of that before it was too late!! I then took that string that was already attached to the center of each pom pom in one hand, a 3M sticky hook ready to stick in the other and (WAIT - MOM PLEASE STOP READING HERE!) perilously climbed atop my short - but only - step stool on top of my guest bed. With my legs shaking vigorously below me and my mind racing to "would the downstairs neighbor hear the crash? Is she even home?" I did it - three times in fact, and all without falling!!

Pom Pom Step 1

Pom Pom Step 2

Pom Pom Step 3

Pom Pom Step 4

The Perils of D-I-Y

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