August 17, 2009

May I Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming...

If you're like me, you're rather obsessed with creating a place where you and your loved ones feel both comforted and comfortable, a place that expresses your creativity, your values, and your innermost inspirations. It's what you dream about, doodle about, and get excited about sharing with others. But, that place we like to call home isn't where we spend the most time, is it? If you're like me, it's definitely not. I spend a majority of my waking hours at my other home a few miles east - you know, at the office.

My other place - my second home - I am very thankful to report is also a place where I feel comfortable to express myself, be creative, write and learn on a daily basis. And in this dire economy, I feel even more blessed that I not only have a job, but a job that I really do love. It's not the subject of this blog for many reasons, but today I'd like to take a moment to wish myself a happy one-year anniversary at my second home away from home.

2009-08-11 at 06-02-30

P.S. I hope you enjoy the photo. Last Tuesday happened to be a gorgeous day and I had my camera downtown, so I snapped a few pictures of my office building, because, let's face it, it ain't no ordinary office building - it's the John Hancock Center!

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