August 17, 2009

Easy on the Wallet Walls

It's back to school time, meaning there are all kinds of sales on art supplies, especially here in Chicago where fine art high schools and colleges seem to be everywhere. I have a hard time passing by a good sale without stopping, so I recently ended up with a three pack of medium-sized art canvases. I had no clue what I would do with them, but for $8.99 plus outrageous Chicago sales tax, why not?

As I was working on my guest room yesterday, I realized I had one small frame that would just float away on its own. It needed a friend for it to hold its own in the room. I had dreams of finding a beautiful print on Etsy, or taking a series of photographs I would want my guests to enjoy and having them framed, but all these ideas seemed rather expensive. So I forced my mind to less expensive thoughts! I had white canvases..... and ribbon.... and a staple gun!

Staple Gun Fun

Close-up on Wall Hanging #2

Wall Hanging #2 - FINALE!

It might not stay this way forever, but I really like it, so who knows!?!

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