August 14, 2009

Big Plans, Big Distractions!!


This weekend I hope to finally tackle the mini-guest room. I have three projects in mind for this room and I have all the supplies ready to go. BUT,  it’s Air & Water Show weekend here in the Windy City. (Last year I was on a boat and got some AMAZING photos. I had a hard time picking just one to share!) I’m also taking in a Cubs game tomorrow afternoon. Distractions abound, but I hope to welcome family and friends with a finished room soon. 

I'm staying in tonight, in fact, to save money for tomorrow afternoon's festivities and get a head start I'm so excited.  This IS happy hour to me sometimes!!  The room has the most fun and funky plan of them all, as it’s tucked away out of sight and rarely used. What's planned?  Just a few hints...

A very WELCOMING room with…. Pennants…… PomPoms…… and…… Patchwork!

Oh, and I might have taken a bit of inspiration from a nursery, because, well, that’s unfortunately a long way out for me but I have never let that stop me before!


Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Hey girl! Just stopping by from Kimba's DIY day....I love your blog!!! I've been reading through some of your past posts. Love love love it. Did you have a hard time recovering your chairs? I have a VERY similar dining set with chairs just like yours...and I've been dying to repaint and reupholster. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Emily said...

Thanks, Mandi! I'm blushing!! The chairs took a lot of time and patience, but I didn't find them too difficult. The tricky part about these chairs, if yours are like mine, was upholstering the top because both the front and back show - there's not much room on the sides to overlap the fabric and it's a tight fit, so I was limited on where I could use the staple gun. I cheated by handsewing the fabric into place - I think that made it a whole lot easier. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

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