August 18, 2009

Adding Pizzazz with Pennants

It's time for one more easy no-sew project! While it was raining on Sunday, I decided that the wall with my "WELCOME" was kinda boring. It needed color - and you guessed it, I STILL have Amy Butler fabric left over!! So, I decided to increase the fun factor of the room even more by pinning a string of pennants to the wall.

First up, I created a triangle pattern on wax paper using the graph on my cutting board and my straight edge, and then I cut out a bunch of triangles with pinking sheers. (Note, if I wanted this pennant project to be two-sided, I could have used fusible interfacing to iron two pieces of fabric together, right sides out and cut THAT out with the triangle pattern. This project didn't require that though - the back side will be against a wall!) It's also important to note that the pinking sheers not only LOOK cool, but will keep the fabric from shredding out on the ends, although if you plan to wash your pennant, I don't advise this quick method - I'd sew the edges.

Pennant Step 1

Next I laid the triangles out and came up with a pattern of sorts.

Pennant Step 2

Once I knew the order, I dug out my Heat and Bond and cut strips of it the width of each triangle's top and decided how far apart on the ribbon I wanted each triangle to be.

Pennant Step 3

I carefully measured where each triangle should fall on the ribbon - and layered the Heat and Bond strips on the top edge of each triangle, and followed suit with the ribbon. While holding my breathe, I then placed the iron on top of the sandwich for roughly 5 seconds - it only take a few to activate the heat and bond!

Pennant Step 4

Repeat, repeat, repeat - super easy - and then, wala!!! A somewhat juvenile, yet fun, splash of color to the wall - all with supplies that were just sitting around the house begging to be put to good use.

WELCOME to Casa Emi

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Lasgirl said...

Hey I really love the flowery lamp Which I posted on my blog, may I ask how you made it.

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