August 6, 2009

About Me - In Case You Didn't Know Already!

Hi, I'm Emily, but you can call me Em, Emi/Emmy - even Emmylou. My dad called me Emmylou and somehow it caught on again in college. You might know that about me already, or we may not know each other at all. If not, I look forward to getting to know you and sharing with you my projects - the successes, the failures and the life that happens in between.
I'm a 28-year-old, single, Christian, Midwestern girl trying to make it on her own in the Windy City of Chicago, Ill.  I'm a perfectionist, which is exhausting, and I love to cook, bake, write, sew, clean (ha, ha, it's true - really!) and explore the city I've called home since graduating from THE Indiana University... ok, we don't use the "THE," but I'm borrowing it from my Buckeye family.
If you haven't noticed yet, I have a quite the list of creative passions - photography, design, sewing, quilting and baking to name a few. (My mom was a home economics teacher, I was predestined to be this way!)
And no, I don't have my own business, but I love to share my work with others and lend a helping hand when I can. I stay pretty busy with my real job, in fact, and I'm blessed that I get to be creative there, too. (Although I feel I'm required to say this blog reflects my own interests, expressions and views, not those of my employer or clients. I really try not to talk about work or clients, in fact.)
So, why am I blogging?
A lot of people have told me that "journaling" is incredibly therapeutic, and a powerful way to get your thoughts straight. So, I many years ago I went to Papyrus, bought a really cute leather-bound notebook, and, well, then I worried about what to write about. Once I had an idea of what to write about, I worried that the zig and zag of the CTA bus would mess up my already not-so-perfect handwriting, or that writing in bed might get ink on my white duvet cover, or simply that I would mess it up. So, the journal went on the shelf. It's still there. Empty.
This is plan "B." I'm expected to be a "social marketing maven" in my professional capacity anyways, so it only makes sense that, if I'm going to put my thoughts down, I do them in a way that I can share with others, and hopefully learn from them as they learn from me. I will consider this a success if I inspire just one other person, fill just one distant friend or relative in on my life, or simply just make someone smile through the Internet.

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