August 18, 2009

360 degrees and 100 percent complete!

By my estimates (and if you know me math is not my favorite subject), this room cost me well under $100. Why so cheap? Well, I'm cheating. I purchased the fabric over a year ago, so I didn't count that. The bedding, the lamp, the framed vintage Chicago "vacation" poster and the orange box are all stuff I already owned that needed a home in the new place, so I didn't count that stuff either. The "nightstand" is actually an IKEA "Gilbert" stool and can be used as my 10th chair for a large dinner party. (I LOVE furniture with dual purposes - feels like you can cut that price tag in half!) And, as you saw from my previous posts on the pom poms, WELCOME letters, pennant and wall art, all of my diy projects used up supplies I already had around the house or things that I came across/scouted/stalked while on sale.

In fact, the second-most expensive thing in the room you might not have even noticed. It's the coat rack along the back wall. The room doesn't have a closet, and the one closet in the entire house is jam-packed with my clothes. There's no room for my guests' things, so I created a spot for them to hang dresses for nights out, suits for business meetings, whatever they may be in town to wear and do. Aren't I thoughtful? I think so, sometimes!

Guest Room 2

Guest Room 4

The Guest Room

The Guest Room Looking Out

The Guest Room - View from the Bed

Now I must admit my biggest problem with this entire project. This room doesn't get ANY use. Well, my parents stayed in there once, and I keep my steamer in there when I'm not taking photos of it for the Internet, but for all practical purposes I really don't need this room and never use it. But I now need excuses to use this room because I love it too much to not enjoy it!!! (This is a big hint for loved ones near and far.....)


MonkeyBusiness said...

OK, so now that I know what the 2nd most expensive thing in the room is, I want to know what the 1st most expensive thing is!

Emily said...

The stool from IKEA, actually is the most expensive thing I purchased since the move for this room! That's why the rest of it looks so familiar to you... :-)

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