July 26, 2009

Ooops.... I have gone dark again and I'm sorry!  Work has been terribly busy and the other aspects of my life haven't gotten the memo to slow down to compensate for the extra time and energy spent working.  But, as always, something happened that made me want to write.  

Yesterday I was on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan for a work party.  We had a few quick rain showers throughout the day, and towards the end of the second rain shower the president of my company exclaimed, "there's going to be a rainbow!"  No one else seemed to care besides me and a three-year-old girl, but the three of us ran out in the rain to see the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.  It stretched across the entire width of the lake and was a full-spectrum rainbow with every color imaginable.  

Despite all the craziness - and all the rain this summer - I've spent a lot of time thinking about how far I've come and how much has changed in my life over the past year.  You see, that summer party I was at yesterday is a bookmark of sorts in my life.  Last year this annual summer party occurred just after I received my offer letter and accepted my current position.  

In the past year, I have felt loved and appreciated on a daily basis in the workplace, I've found a spiritual community where I am growing closer to God every day and able to surround myself more and more with fun, down-to-earth believers, and have moved into a home that feels more like "home" than a place in Chicago has ever felt.  

I searched on Etsy (I know, I know, I'm obsessed...) for something that would remind me of that beautiful rainbow - that to me was God's way of saying "see, I told you we'd get through this."  

I loved this piece from a Minnesota artist, Shelli at Studio M.  (Look her up as DazeyChic.)  

July 16, 2009

What's Not to Love?

I am LOVING my new place.  It really feels like HOME.  I don't know if it's the vintage charm, the thought-out decor, the room to entertain or the gorgeous nightly views from the rooftop, but I feel so comforted and blessed and happy here.  It's been a long time coming!!  

Interior tour soon.... I mean it this time! 

July 8, 2009

Too vanilla?

I love to start my day with a skim vanilla latte – with extra vanilla. I have an afternoon snack of vanilla yogurt with vanilla and almond granola. I wear vanilla lip gloss daily. My walls are a shade of vanilla. My sofa and duvet covers are both white. My everyday earrings are pearls – kinda vanilla too! My favorite recipe? Vanilla buttercream frosting. And my favorite ingredient to cook with - high-grade vanilla from Williams-Sonoma, of course.

Is vanilla too boring? Does this mean I'm boring? Is there too much vanilla in my life? I’m not sure. What I do know is I love it... and that chocolate encourages my skin to be feisty and break out…. although I have nothing against the color brown, I guess.

(The image belongs to the fine folks at Haagen Daaz (http://www.haagen-dazs.com), my favorite vanilla frozen yogurt, of course. My Nikon baby is on its way back from its check-up at the doctor. She had an accident, but she’ll be fine soon.)

July 6, 2009

Fourth of July!

The weather wasn't the greatest this year, but I did enjoy plenty of quality time with two of my favorite people/animals - my Greek Mama from college, up from Charleston, S.C. for the weekend, and Milly, the beagle puppy.
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