June 10, 2009

There Just Aren't Enough Hours in the Day!

I haven't sewn in over a week. I have a quilt to finish. I have two European bed pillow shams to sew. I have a dress to make. I have three more pillows for the living room yet to sew. And yet, I'm oh so tempted to add these to the roster...
The quilt would be super easy to cut and piece, and a great way to use up the Amy Butler fabric I have leftover that matches the quilt shams I made last year. Those shams are now in my guest room, and boy could that room use a little love! Now, would I ever actually quilt it? Maybe Mom would do it for me with her fancy machine...
AND, the top, well. Let's see how the dress goes, but I've seen bloggers make it in a day and wear it out that night. I'm not that well-versed in clothing construction these days, but it can't be too hard if someone else can whip it out that fast. I think it would be a nice summer office shirt. (My office is extremely casual, but I avoid anything too thin on shoulder straps.

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