June 12, 2009

Power Tools and Technology

Sometimes you have to suck it up and do things you don't like to get what you want - here's the proof! I learned this lesson twice in 24 hours, is God trying to teach me something or what?

Power Tools: Apparently there are doors for my closet somewhere in the vicinity of my apartment, so the landlord says, but he cautioned me against asking him for them. The door to the room obstructs their functionality, he says. And, the room's awfully small, so I believe him. I happen to have a few drapery rods in hand, so, I thought, oh, I'll just hang up the curtain I used at the last apartment and it'll be just fine. That was over a month ago. I hate using power tools. I'm not bad at it. I'm actually quite handy. But, I don't LIKE to do it myself. Last night I broke down and did it. See? Beautiful end result.

Technology: I'm using Twitter a lot for one of my clients this summer, and while I love social media, I'd prefer to not have to do anything too technical to use it. Well, it was time to install Twitterberry so I could stay connected with media via Twitter while I'm away from my desk. I hadn't updated my phone in so long that it wouldn't download. Three hours later, there it was! (Sorry, no picture, no one needs to see my ugly grey blackberry with bright pink cover.) I installed software, updated it, personalized it and then downloaded what I needed. I guess I'm pretty good at that, too.
Just goes to show procrastinating doesn't solve anything. It just makes you stare at your closet every morning and every night, and keeps you from staying connected like you want. Jumping in and conquering those hesitations, however, has great rewards!!

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