June 4, 2009

My Favorite Place

Quite possibly the most exciting part of my new casa is my dedicated office/craft room.  (If my boss asks, it's a home office complete with speaker phone.)  But, to be honest, it's going to be where the magic happens!  I've never before had a space where my craftiness could live in all its messy glory - and it sure makes that big rent check on the first of the month worth it all.  

Sadly it has been the last room to come together due to multiple technology woes and some IKEA desk assembly difficulties, but it's finally ready to rock and roll.  And because it was last, it's the room that followed the decorating plan the least.  But, I LOVE its simplicity.  The white furniture is classic "me."  I didn't have much of an option - those Crate & Barrel leaning wall shelves were a purchase last spring that I love too much to replace.  The complimenting IKEA desk was not the planned purchase, but fits my sewing machine and cutting board PERFECTLY!  It's like they knew I was coming.  

The decor is currently inspired by two things: an Anna Griffin scrapbook paper book I couldn't let go of at Michael's despite its price tag, and family, pure and simple.  Family is the reason I'm crafty, so it makes sense.  I come from a long line of craftiness, you see.  My mom is a former home economics teacher, her mom, my Grandma Garen, loved nothing more than to sew and fine random craft projects to try involving Pringles cans and milk jugs, and even my Mamaw Brock enjoys hand-quilting at night so she can stay awake to keep my Papaw company.  (Isn't that cute?)  And my other grandma, well, I know she appreciated my creativity and I loved her for it.  

So, back to decor,  how do you decorate with family?  I have 3 prints of all 3 sets of my grandparents (another long story, but just play along) from their weddings.

I CHERISH these prints and they're now all on display.  On the other wall, I recovered a cheap bulletin board with brown cow print as an ode to the family farms.  (I painted it white, too!)  I was determined to find a use for it in this house, and I did!  For now I've put up an assortment of photos, including me looking super skinny in college, an old family church portrait, and a photo of Maxine, who might as well be my fourth grandma she's meant so much to me for so many years!!  Ok, ok, four grandmas is pushing it...  The room is finished off with the necessary storage for craft and office supplies, files and anything else that hadn't found a home by the time I got around to this room.

Oh, and the cute kid framed between the phone and the laptop?  Yeah, that's me...

...and this is my very own craft room!!!  

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