June 4, 2009

Mmmmmm..... cupcakes!

I finally made one of my favorite treats, cupcakes, for my small group last night.  I just did a box mix (Funfetti, my favorite!) but of course made the buttercream frosting from scratch right before everyone arrived.  

They went over well, especially with the male contingent!  Before they left, the boys were dipping their hands in the not-yet-cleaned Kitchen-Aid mixer for more!!  I couldn't imagine a better compliment for a cook, but maybe I'm a little untraditional.  Nothing makes me happier than being able to create something others enjoy so much - whether it be a cupcake, a quilt, a press release (ok, so I'm not sure how anyone could enjoy a press release as much as a cupcake, but you know...)  

This lone survivor made it out alive - all its brothers and sisters were consumed - or carried out the door by my guests!  Doubtful it will see morning, however.  I've yet to eat dinner....

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