June 30, 2009

Link Love

A friend forwarded me this blog post from IndyHub.org about magically becoming a social paraih as a single late twenty-something. I had to share, because it hit home!


In case you don't have time to read the post in full, don't skip the Top Ten list:

Ten fun myths of being – SINGLE… what others have you heard?
#1: If someone is single past a certain age, there must be something wrong with them like they have halitosis and hammer-time
#2: Single people are irresponsible and hate babies
#3: Single people don't have family obligations and would prefer to be at Rock Lobster at Christmas
#4: Single people are unhappy being single and go home at night and pray for marriage to a shrine of celebrity couple photos
#5: Single people want you to set them up with your second cousin who has three kids with three different women
#6: At a certain age, a single person is too old to get married and should just live with their cats and call it a day
#7: Single people are uncomfortable hanging out with married people and probably will try to steal your husband or wife
#8: Single people eat take out all the time and rent movies and watch them in their underwear with bras on their heads
#9: Single people party all the time and drive drunk through your yard
#10: You're not an adult until you are married because then you are definitely mature

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